Picking Up the Pieces at Villa Tesori

Michael Mullen's book about building Villa Tesori on St. JohnNew Podcast!

Michael Mullen
just wanted a 4-bedroom villa at Rendezvous Bay.  What he got was an argument with his builder, a barely-started project, the opportunity to nearly go broke, a 5-bedroom retreat called Villa Tesori and an awful lot of experience.

Mullen stepped in when his builder walked out.  He tells the story in a soon-to-be-published novel, “Keep Left.” He describes the story as “the transformation of an uptight executive to being a laid-back person living in a world which says ‘No Problem, Mon’.”

But Mullen had plenty of problems.  His workers left the job. He had to beg them to return. He did lots of employee recruiting at Island Blues and the Beach Bar.

“I walked around with dollar signs on my forehead” which, he said, told any workers he was desperate.  How desperate?  He avoided running out of money only by taking $5,000 advances on 20 credit cards.

Mullen talks about his experience in this conversation.  Press the “Play” arrow to listen to it.

You can also download or hear the conversation by clicking here.

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