Top 10 things to do in Cruz Bay

Sometimes it takes new visitors to St. John to remind the veterans about some of the best things on the island.  TripAdvisor attracts a lot of first-timers and benefits from their comments, as well as those of frequent visitors who pass along their experiences, too.

Browsing through TA this week, the Inquiring Iguana was interested to see the recommendations. Nine of the top 10 involve watersports or sailing.  Nothing about the Park, or the ruins, or hiking. Not even beaches! Coming in at #8 is St. John Brewers' Tap Room at Mongoose Junction, suggesting everybody needs a few beers after a day under sail.

13 thoughts on “Top 10 things to do in Cruz Bay”

  1. This list is not correct, Top 10 Things to Do in Cruz Bay
    #1 Kekoa Sailing Expeditions
    #2 Sadie Sea Charters
    #3 Cruz Bay Watersports
    #4 VI Snuba Excursions
    #5 Fly Girl
    #6 Calypso Charters Bad Kitty
    #7 Sail Safaris
    #8 Cloud 9 Sailing Adventures
    #9 Low Key Watersports
    #10 Copeland Boat Charters
    Beachs and hikes would not be listed as they are not in Cruz Bay.

  2. Anyone’s Top Ten list out of Cruz Bay has to include a snorkel trip on the Sadie Sea. Cap’n Tom and Amy know how to do it right.

  3. My wife and I have been to St John end of July. It is hot but not oppressively so, and ocean breezes keep things cool. The unit we had in Serendip Condos had A/C in the bedrooms. We ate breakfast on the verandah overlooking Cruz Bay. Snorkeled a lot, a different beach for each of 6 days. Went to Coral Bay too (gotta see Skinny Legs Restaurant bar whatever)

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