Three hour wait for car barge

It’s been tough go get from here to there recently. 

One of Boyson’s barges has been in dry dock for almost three months.  A Global Marine boats is out of service.  And the new Boyson ship, Mr. B.,
hasn’t gotten Coast Guard approval yet.  One of the operating barges
was diverted to fireworks duty for the St. John festival. 

The result:
St. Thomas’ Carol Lotz-Felix said on July 5th she waited three
hours to get a barge to Red Hook.  "The line went down the street and
out into the street," she told the St. John Source.

Another complicating factor is the two barge
companies don’t accept each other’s tickets. So, if you miss one line’s
barge, you have to wait for its next one, rather than get on the
next boat.  Sen. Craig Barshinger indicated he thought reciprocity would be a good idea.

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