WESTIN names new executive chef

(I got it wrong.  It’s the Westin, not Caneel.  here’s a Daily News story link, too.)

Roland Czekelius, who was a cook at Caneel Bay
in the ’80s, has returned to the island as the new executive chef at the Westin St. John Resort & Villas. He’s
been on the mainland for the past 25 years, including positions as top
chef at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel, according to a report of his hiring in the Virgin Islands Daily News.  "A lot of the ladies who worked in the pantry and kitchen now work at the Westin,"
Czekelius said.  "I had to tell then, ‘Remember the little Austrian, 25
years ago?’  Then they were giving me hugs."  Czekelius said he wanted
to return to the Caribbean and interviewed for slots on Peter Island
and Turks and Caicos before taking the  CaneeloWestin position.  He expects to
rework the resort’s menus, adding more gourmet and
Mediterranean-inspired items, the Daily News said.

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