“This Too Shall Pass” – A Musical Message of Hope and Resilience

“This Too Shall Pass” – A Musical Message of Hope and Resilience

Good Morning and Happy Friday to you all!  Last week, the VI Consortium shared a video featuring 15 artists from the USVI and BVI with an absolutely beautiful message, stunning views and impeccable talent.  “This Too Shall Pass,” written by Patrick “Soljah” Farrell and Luis Ible Jr. of St. Thomas, paints the picture of working together through the hard times.  Once again, Virgin Islanders spread a message of hope, compassion and resiliency….

In a shared introduction by USVI Governor Albert Bryan and BVI Premier Andrew Fahie, the territory leaders convey a message of “Stronger Together” in the face of diversity.

"This Too Shall Pass" - A Musical Message of Hope and Resilience 1

“In times like these, when we work together and look out for one another we can get through anything,” states Governor Bryan.

“We the people of the BVI and the USVI are no strangers to challenges,” says Premier Fahie.

Although the production of this collaboration of artists may come from a place of hardship, it projects a spirit of collaboration and hope for the near future.  Not just for the Virgin Islands, but for anyone watching who has been adversely affected by the challenges that 2020 has presented.  Essentially, for all of us.

"This Too Shall Pass" - A Musical Message of Hope and Resilience 2

“We will not accept defeat.  We will get back on our feet.”

“There’s no reason why we can’t do this together.”

“When we all stand up in harmony.”

"This Too Shall Pass" - A Musical Message of Hope and Resilience 3

To say the pandemic has been a hearty blow to the Virgin Islands is an understatement.  But the message in this video reminds us that Virgin Islanders have been through devastation and loss before.  And they ALWAYS bounce back stronger…and better than ever…together.  Check it out!

And a nod to the amazingly talented artists who collaborated to make this video:

Patrick “Soljah” Farrell –STT

Malvern V. Gumbs –STT

Luis Ible Jr. –STT

M’Kayla “Kay Jalisa” Eustache –STT

Jeffrey “JC” Chandler III  –STT

Chantal Harrigan –STX

Shereen “Queen Shereen” Flax-Charles –BVI

A.J. Ventura –STX

Lorna “Fox” Freeman –STT

Tishelle Knight –STJ

John Gotty –STJ

Daniella “Lioness” Richardson –STT

Ramon “Ramon G” George –BVI

Sista Joyce –BVI

Michonde Delauney –STX

11 thoughts on ““This Too Shall Pass” – A Musical Message of Hope and Resilience”

    Just what I needed on this Friday!
    An awesome song to have stuck in your head during these difficult times.
    Hugs to all the loving people of the USVIs and BVIs
    Spread the Love!!!!!!!

  2. WOW! This song moved me like no song ever has. I’m sitting here in Michigan crying, listening to this song over and over. I can’t get enough of it. Thank you, thank you so much you all are awesome! My family and i can’t wait to get back to St John our second home! Love for all of you in the USVI & BVI

  3. love this! You embody what the entire world should be feeling and your message is as beautiful as you and your islands. Would also like to find where we can purchase a tee shirt!!

  4. Thank you so much! The love you share made the tears start flowing. I’ll be sharing this video because we need you right now. I’d like to buy a tee shirt also.

  5. One word about the video. WOW!!!!! So amazing! So much love! We all need more of that right now. Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to get back there!

    John in Utah

  6. Is this available as an instrumental without the words, like a karaoke version? I’d love to teach this to my students.

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