TripAdvisor’s top rated Coral Bay restaurants

Photos of Ekaete Pink Corner, Coral Bay

This photo of Ekaete Pink Corner is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Coral Bay is at the other end of the island, but it's not nowhere. And it has some good restaurants, if you believe folks who post their reviews to Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Coming on strong this month is Ekaete Pink Corner, located in the middle of Coral Bay, where the main road intersects with the road you take to Salt Pond. Or, as highway planners might say, where Routes 10 and 107 meet.

The Pink Corner is not upscale.  It's one of the closest things the island has to home-made, West Indian food.  It garnered six reviews on TripAdvisor this month, alone; five of them five stars, and one four stars.

One satisfied customer was Snerge, from Mississippi. "Craving REAL home style West Indian food in St. John, USVI? Never had West Indian food? Look no further. This is your chance to eat authentic food on your vacation. Esther will amuse and feed you."

Telwyn, from Florida, said even usually-unadventurous kids enjoyed the food. "We had curry goat, chicken roti, and ribs. All were great including the vegetable sides. We also loved the different fruit smoothies."

TripAdvisor's top rated Coral Bay restaurants

2 thoughts on “TripAdvisor’s top rated Coral Bay restaurants”

  1. And … what about Miss Lucy’s … great brunch and dinner is great also.
    Sweet Plantains is our favorite, Shipwreck for lunch when cruisers aren’t in town. Haven’t tried the Pink Corner yet – will do in a few weeks.
    Aqua Bistro is hit or miss. The food there can be great as can the local bar crowd, but I’ve been there when both were nasty as well.
    Don’t care for Cafe Concordia at all … great view, looks to be a state of the art kitchen, but man – last year, they couldn’t even cook a plate of wings.
    Toourist trap s good lunch also after a snorkel.

  2. LOVE Ekaete Pink Corner! It’s hands down our favorite place in Coral Bay. Esther treats you like she’s long been expecting you and preparing all sorts of yumminess you. She’s super friendly, and a AMAZING cook. See you very soon, my friend – We’ll be there Thursday!

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