Eco-resort in Coral Bay gets approval

While Maho Bay Camps' Stanley Selengut is getting ready to close his eco-resort, Coral Bay’s Hugo Roller is on his way to creating a new one. 

The Department of Planning and Natural Resources has given Roller the green light to pursue a green resort venture. Approval by the Legislature is still necessary.

“Resort” may be too strong a word.  Roller currently farms vegetables, herbs, fruits, and landscaping plants on about three acres in Coral Bay.  He owns another 11 acres which he would like to have as a campground.

In June of last year, the St. John Source  said Roller wanted “to build a multi-use commercial area with business and residential units.”  Plans showed 13 two-story tree house structures with bathrooms. Neighbors worried it was too much.

In the recent hearing before DPNR, neighbors again objected to the project’s scope. Roller agreed to restrict his project to five campsites per acre.  He also agreed to prohibit outdoor amplifiers.

5 thoughts on “Eco-resort in Coral Bay gets approval”

  1. Hugo will lose his azz on this. You can guarantee it. It’s muggy down low in the valley and he’s nowhere near the beach. At least he will create plenty of jobs for the community in the build process. The campers can go on nature walks through Rupert’s junkyard next door!

  2. Maybe Hugo feels he can replace what the Island will lose when Maho Campgrounds closes. But Island Pride is right,in that it will not offer the same amenities…views ,breezes and beach, the beach sports and the arts.
    But maybe Hugo could build some structures to house all the arts that the camp offered…glass blowing,clay and tie-dying…that will draw people to come and watch, take lessons and make some of their own art to take home. There could be a small shop to sell the art,also, much like Maho did.

  3. I had to laugh. “Rupert’s junkyard.” Now, you know, DPNR classifies that as a “private collection.” That’s not a junkyard! Besides, Wilma isn’t going to allow Hugo to do anything unless it benefits her somehow. She’ll make up some conspiracy theory, pound, pound, pound until she either drives the Rollers out or costs them so much it isn’t worth it.

  4. Roller wants the land B3. B3 would allow someone who buys the property to build almost anything they want.
    The property will be sold, you can bet on it!!!

  5. If the Rollers want to retire comfortably (obviously, elsewhere) and not eventually get stripped by slow erosion of their assets to support a corrupt government, that’s exactly what they’ll do.

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