Dog Found!!


A Coral Bay correspondent reports:

news!  Shank is back on St. John with his human.  The dog made it to
shore and was hanging out in Great Harbor on Jost.  The two have been
reunited and are back on St. John.  I just spoke to the owner and
confirmed this."

Andrew Burnett, a frequent visitor to the island who's shot a lot of video, passed along this screen grab of the dog, Shank, which he met last fall. (Click here to see his stuff on YouTube.)

8 thoughts on “Dog Found!!”

  1. Very good news indeed. Shank is one tough dog.
    I understand that as soon as Shank has a bit of a rest, he’ll be interviewing for new caretakers. At his news conference he stressed he’d rather be with more responsible adults.

  2. Yes, agreed!! Great news and great ending to the story.
    We couldn’t get our dog anywhere near a kayak, let alone our swimming pool.

  3. I’ve been having nightmares of being in a dinghy, rescuing dogs from the waters off JVD… Thank God Shank is safe! That is one tough pooch!

  4. What idiot would try to kayak to Jost? with a dog? A perfect example of someone who is there because they’re not all there.. sheesh.

  5. Looks like Shank isn’t the first one to go out to Jost by kayak. http://www.arawakexpeditions.com/bvi-usvi.htm Arawake has been kayaking to Jost for some time now. I remember a friend of mine telling me she had to take her day cruise boat over to Jost a couple of years ago to pick up some kayakers because the winds had come up. So, how about going a little easier on Shank and his human crew and truly thank God everyone is safe!

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