Dog lost at sea

A Coral Bay resident is holding out hope to find his dog — lost at sea in a swamping mishap between St. John and Jost Van Dyke.  The person was kayaking from Coral Bay to Jost with his dog and a friend when a wave swamped the kayak, throwing all three into the water.  We believe this happened on Monday.  He has tried to contact everyone possible on Jost; it was also mentioned on the local ham radio net, which has participants from Tortola as well as the USVIs.

(That's not a picture of the dog. It's Clip Art from Microsoft Office.  But I'm sure the missing dog is just as cute.)

Following the swamping, the dog took off swimming towards Jost.  After awhile, they lost sight of him — mainly due to distance and choppy seas vs. going under.  The humans were picked up just at dusk by a passing boater heading to the BVI.  They had been in the water for several hours.  That was great luck; otherwise, they might have drowned out there.

The dog is a small-breed mix, medium brown with a hound appearance, neutered with a bobbed tail.  It has a collar and tag (with a Massachusetts phone number).  The owner does not have a local number so, if anyone finds the dog, please leave word at Crabby's in Coral Bay — 340 714-2415, and they will contact the owner.   

4 thoughts on “Dog lost at sea”

  1. Hope the dog made it. Hate to be judgmental but seems to me that the dog would be better off with whoever found him/her then the jerk who thought it was ‘cute’ to take a dog on a kayak.
    I usually am of the thought that if a human and dog were both drowning, that it is important to save the human first. Not so sure in this case.
    /sorry folks

  2. Life-jackets all around would have made good sense – even for the dog – mine have ’em!
    Hope it ends up one of those believe-it-or-not stories.

  3. Safety first the dog cant buy and put on a life preserver. A kayak in that channel is a little hairy. A little thought goes a long way. Owner of Chloe 1 large Saint Bernard

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