There’s a small hotel …

While resort developments and McMansion construction have changed St. John  in the past 15 years, visitors can still find small pockets of Caribbean island charm for a relaxing vacation.

Besides renting one of the hundreds of beautioful two- and three-bedroom homes on the island (like those of our advertisers on the right and left sides of the page), there are also inns and guest houses. A Department of Tourism winter promotional publication highlights some of these places.

Phyllis Hall's Hillcrest Guest House, overlooking Cruz Bay, is one of the featured properties.  Describing it as "a peacefully rejuvenating spot," the item highlights its garden of tropical plants and fragrant flowers and panoramic views from each of four suites.

The Inquiring Iguana has known Ms. Hall for a few years.  Her family has been on the island for decades and she is dedicated to making each guest's visit enjoyable and memorable.  Kudos to the Tourism Department for recognizing her hard work and dedication.

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