Surly Cantina closed, controversy breaks out

Surly Craig and Suzanne's inventive and fun (and did we say cheap) adventure in Mexican food at Wharfside Village is over, for now. It lasted about a year.

(The Inquiring Iguana wrote about the Cantina months ago. Read it here.)

Forums at Trip Advisor and Virgin-Islands-On-Line tell the story that the landlord raised the rent. That was the final straw in the enchilada.

But just as they say on TV, "Don't be fooled by substitutes."

On the Cantina's own Facebook page, Craig and Suzanne
wrote, "Thanks to all of you for your support. We look forward to
reopening in the future. We understand that under new management there
will be no more beer shots either. Too bad. We will miss you all."

"Just came across a letter written to Craig from the owner of Paradise Cafe (also at Wharfside), the Cantina's founders posted. "It states that he will be operating as The Surly Cantina. Make no mistake, it is not us, our food or even our fantastic Margaritas. We are now seeking legal advice."

On the forums, angst and rants rule.  For instance: "Burn down the place;" "Oh wow, that is really Low. I hope you guys have that name registered–what an A**HOLE–he won't be getting any of our business," and "I was looking forward to eating there. So sad that the rent went up so high. Yikes for such a small space. Hope that you relocate before April."

Forum postings about the Cantina:

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  1. I wish you would check with both sides of a controversy before stating only one side. The previous owners have their own take on the situation. Read some of the Virgin-Islands-On-Line comments further down.

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