Sunday, Sep. 19: The Inquiring Iguana hears rumors

That Kenny Chesney recently flew down one hundred of his closest friends to stay at his two houses and the Westin. Flying on a “Hooters” jet.”  (Thanks USVI-On-Line.com)

That Johnny Depp has bought Great St. James. Rumor surfaced a few weeks ago. A St. Thomas real estate agent offering the property refused comment, saying only she’d maybe say something this month.

5 thoughts on “Sunday, Sep. 19: The Inquiring Iguana hears rumors”

  1. Sometime within the past few years Chesney fell in love with the Caribbean and has put a Buffetian spin on his lifestyle. Hell if I could stay at one of his St John houses I may even start listening to country music 🙂

  2. Don’t know exactly where his two houses are, but I’ll bet they’re spectacular. But then again, to live on St John all I’d need is a place to lay my head — a lean-to would suffice for me !

  3. Well, . . . not to take the attention from Kenny and his well deserved (but not likely wanted) attention while on the island, . . . but . . .
    My husband and I, along with six of our closest friends, came back again to celebrate a our marriage ceremony (last year) on St. John. We all like that the island is a little wild, and a great place to party, celebrate and have fun, yet also quiet, slighty remote and not TOO easily accesible. All while enjoying nature at its finest. The beaches, the coral, the fish, the “jungle” and sometimes even a hurricane like “Jeanne In A Bottle!” . . .ALL of the wildlife!
    But honestly, with an intent to move to St. John within 2 years, I’m really more disturbed about the plans moving forward to cull the goat population by “killing” them. What the ____ are they thinking? Understandably the goats my encroach on the vegitation of the land, but realistically, aren’t they (the residents) really worried about them encroaching onto “their land?” Hmmm, just like all other wild worlds, . . . WE encroach and then “kill” off the animals.
    Ever consider goat farming and producing a realistically high quality goat milk and cheese rather than “killing” them? Wow, what a novel idea!
    In the long run, the residents who vote to approve malicious acts will get what they put out there . . . what ever that is. It’s the law of nature itself.
    If you agree … let ’em know!

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