St. John real estate to be sold for back taxes

The Virgin Islands government has begun turning the wheels to sell 84 parcels of land on St. John to settle back taxes.

A total of 1,161 properties across all three islands are set to be auctioned soon, unless their owners pay the 10 years (!) of taxes which are due.

You can see a list of the real estate parcels which are moving toward auction by clicking here.  However, it offers no description of the properties.

The largest delinquent taxpayers are Arsene Massac, oweing $513,468 and the Egbert Marsh Trust, which owes $259,412.

Overall, the owners of the delinquent properties owe a total of about $9.5 million.

4 thoughts on “St. John real estate to be sold for back taxes”

  1. Who would one contact if they wished to purchase any of these parcels of land. Also how would one get information on the location and description of these parcels?
    Peter Reynolds

  2. I’d contact Office of the Tax Collector in the respective districts: (340) 776-8505 on St. Thomas; 776-6737 on St. John; 773-1105 in Christiansted or 772-0120 for the Frederiksted office.

  3. Some of the property listed only exists in the mind of the Tax Assessor. Others are held by so many convoluted ownerships from years and years ago that nobody can decide who should pay the taxes. Many will “disappear” from the attachment list before anything happens. Still others are in litigation and subject to Court Orders. Watch carefully. They did this few years ago as well, and all of the cream was skimmed by insiders before they ever reached auction.

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