5 thoughts on “How to find a job on St. John”

  1. First, an article about how to move to St. John……
    Now, this about how to get a job….
    Oh fate, how you tempt me so….

  2. Only if I knew how to ccok more then hot dogs and hamburgers. NA, just kidding. Now I wish I was a chef, so I could get out of this town. How to find a job in ST John.

  3. St John lies waiting for me, I have planned and saved and dreamed of the island. My wife passed away in the middle of life and the dream but I owe it to her memory and the dream to get there and contribute to both the beauty and success of the island. I will be there Nov of 2012 with Gods grace. Would love to share my success as an artisan with the world that travels through St John, to work and contribute to the island beauty,

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