The Most Enjoyable and Relaxing Caribbean Beach Bars

I’m not sure about you, but I could honestly read about the Caribbean’s best beach bars forever. I just came across this list, and although it doesn’t feature any of my St. John favorites, it does highlight some of our favorites from the neighboring British Virgin Islands. It was initially posted by Fresh Traveling and it features the most relaxing and enjoyable Caribbean beach bars. Check it out…

Yo,ho ho and a bottle of rum. Better words have never been sung. No, really! Who doesn’t love a good beach bar and a bottle of rum, or maybe a few shots of rum in a delectable tropical cocktail? Here are the 12 best beach bars from Jamaica to Aruba, that are sure to satisfy your need for sand between the toes and something cool to whet your whistle.

#6: Sandcastle’s Soggy Dollar Bar, White Bay Jost Van Dyke BVI


It’s impossible to write about the 11 best Caribbean beach bars without touching on the Soggy Dollar. An iconic bar just in its totally casual atmosphere, the Soggy Dollar is an unassuming hut with a few chairs, a unique ring game, and a beautiful beach. And of course, there is no dock so you will have to swim a bit in order to quench your thirst! Be sure to ask for the original Painkiller, a rum cocktail which has been famous and often imitated since its inception back in the 70’s.

#11 Cow Wreck Beach Bar, Anegada – British Virgin Islands

Image credit: Cow Wreck Beach Bar

Imagine a brilliant, but not burnt white beach. Water that shines like a blue-green sapphire. And that cool sweating drink in your hand. That’s all you really need to feel instantly transported to Cow Wreck Bar in BVI. Problem is that even your best imagination won’t cut it until you are there digging your feet into the sand, and quenching your thirst with their signature drink “cow killer.” Which is what a good beach bar should anyway, right? Be sure to stick around for lunch, especially if you like a good lobster!

So what do you think? Agree? Here are the other 10 bars that made the list:

  • Dune Preserve, Anguilla
  • Juanillo (or Little John) Beach Food & Drinks, Dominican Republic
  • Ricks Cafe, Jamaica
  • Basil’s, St. Vincent
  • FrangipaniBeach Bar, Bequia, Grenadines
  • Sunshine’s, Nevis
  • Sandy Toes, Rose Island, Bahamas
  • Bugaloe Beach Bar & Grill, Aruba
  • Bonaire’s Paradise Moon Bar, Bonaire Island
  • Elvis’s Beach Bar, Sandy Ground – Anguilla
Image credit: Cow Wreck Beach Bar
Image credit: Cow Wreck Beach Bar

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  1. I love a good beach bar. I also love one that is truly a quiet and relaxing time. Many of these turn into crowded mad houses at certain times of the day/night. But truthfully, it’s the crowds that make them considered great.
    Painkillers rule.

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