The Kindness of Strangers…

unexpected mail

I have to say, I get very excited when I get mail down here. Nothing is more exciting than getting a little, unexpected gift from America. I think my fascination with mail started back when I was five and Sweet Pickles arrived at my doorstep … who remembers Sweet Pickles? Anyone???

For those of you who read my blog regularly (and a HUGE thank you to those of you who do because you allow me to live this amazing life), you may recall a story I posted late last month about my “island struggle”. I purchased the new iPhone because the salt life essentially killed my last phone, and I was trying to buy a screen protector and case for it. I found what I wanted on Apple, but was unable to purchase it because the United States Virgin Islands is apparently “international” in their eyes, meaning they won’t ship here. (Click here to read all about it.)

So there I was yesterday… I walked over to The Marketplace to grab my mail from PostNet. When I opened my mailbox, I saw a note that said I had a package. A package? Hmmm, I didn’t remember ordering anything. I assumed maybe Mama News of St. John had sent me something in preparation for her visit in a few weeks.

When I got to the counter, I was handed a box from a man named Darren Fulce. Darren Fulce, how do I know that name??? Yes, Hollywood! When Hollywood’s guitar was damaged a few months back, Darren graciously sent him a new one in the mail … all the way from California. (Click here to read all about that.)

Excited, I immediately opened it. What was inside truly made me smile…

darrens note

A brand new iPhone case! How amazing!!

Never in a million years did I expect an iPhone case to appear in my mailbox, but I have to say, it was one of the nicest things that has happened to me in a while. It’s the little things in life… 🙂

Darren, who I’d like to point out I have never met before, owns Let’s Ride Motorsports in Bakersfield, California. So if you’re in the market for motorsports-type stuff and are in the California area, you should check them out.


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