High Season Came Early?

island abodes pool pic

I’m not sure about all of you, but the way I determine when high season begins is probably different than most folks down here. For most, high season starts somewhere between mid-November and Thanksgiving when all of the villas start to get really full for the holidays. But for me, high season begins when the first megayacht cruises through our waters. And that happened to have happened yesterday…

I was floating in my friend Brittany’s pool over in Chocolate Hole (Brittany owns Island Abodes here on island) when I noticed the Sadie Sea cruise by, presumably on its way to pick up the Reef Bay hikers. As I pointed it out to the girls, I noticed a HUGE megayacht cruising west and pass the Sadie Sea, making it look like an ant in the process.

I hopped out the pool and grabbed my phone to see who it was. Turns out that the Rising Sun is the first megayacht to make an appearance around St. John this high season … and what a great way to start it. (Sadly, I didn’t do this quick enough to grab a photo for all of you.)

The Rising Sun is an impressive 453-feet long and is owned by David Geffen, of Geffen Records and Dreamworks Productions. Mr. Geffen chose not to stop by St. John Monday afternoon, instead opting to head over to Charlotte Amalie where he remained moored Tuesday morning. The Rising Sun did, however, make an appearance on St. John back in 2013. Check out some pics from that visit:

The Rising Sun anchored in Rendezvous Bay in November 2013 – Image taken by Scott Tretorola

rising sun scott

The Rising Sun on the East End in March 2013 – Image taken by Sloop Jones

rising sun sloop jones

Now that the Rising Sun made its way to the Territory, we’re pretty certain that other megayachts will follow. We’ll keep you posted if anything cool pops up on our waters.




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