The Island is Open! Come and Visit Us!

Hansen Bay, Friday afternoon
Hansen Bay, Friday afternoon

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I’ve been noticing that the weather is getting pretty chilly up there for many of you. I even saw – gasp – some snow pics late last week! So you know what that means… Time to start planning your next vacation to St. John.

But before we try to convince you to come by telling you about the low airfares we’ve found, there are a few topics we’d like to address. (We get asked these questions a lot.)

For starters, the entire Virgin Islands National Park is open. That means that every beach and every trail is open, and waiting for you to visit.

Our ferries are running. Currently the Red Hook to Cruz Bay ferry is running hourly beginning at 6 a.m. The last ferry from Cruz Bay is at 11 p.m. and the last ferry from Red Hook is at midnight. The downtown Charlotte Amalie ferry is not running at this time. Regarding the car barges, we only have two running at the moment, so I highly suggest renting your vehicle on St. John and avoiding the barge completely.

We have a ton of places for you all to stay. Just because Caneel and the Westin are closed (the Westin reopens in January), doesn’t mean that there is a lack of great places to stay. In fact, we have hundreds of hotel rooms, condos, villas and AirBnBs. And as we told you Saturday, camping will soon resume at Cinnamon adding a super affordable option. Take a look at the advertisers in the sidebars of this website. (If you’re viewing on a mobile device, you can see these underneath the stories and by clicking the three bars in the top left portion of your screen.) You’ll find lots of great places to stay right here on News of St. John.

And you will also have plenty of places to eat! Our restaurants are slowly reopening after being closed for low season, so there are a bunch of great dining options for you to choose from.

Now on to the airfares… As we have mentioned previously, American will resume direct flights out of New York right before Christmas and JetBlue resumes its direct flight out of Boston on Valentine’s Day. It’s taking a bit longer than we hoped, but it’s progress nonetheless.

We did a few quick searches for airfare and here is what we found.

New York: Delta is offering an amazing deal for those of you who are able to travel out of New York in November or December! You can fly direct, roundtrip for just $365 … Unbelievable!! (Connecticut friends, come and visit me!!)

Boston: Unfortunately there aren’t any direct flights until February for you guys, but you can fly for just $394 roundtrip on American during the month of December.

Orlando: How does $160 roundtrip sound? And direct!! It’s flying on Spirit, which is not our favorite airline, but you can’t beat that price!

Dallas: Flights are bit pricier for you all, but we were able to find some fares in the $400 range on Spirit and American. Not too shabby!

There’s just a sampling of current airfares, but it looks like there are a lot of deals to be had! As always, I prefer to use Google ITA Matrix when shopping for airfare. Now ahead ahead and book that trip!

And when you’re here, let us show you around! Take an island tour with us! Or even a land and sea tour with us and our friends at Flyaway Charters! Click here for more information, and click here to read out five-star TripAdvisor reviews!!

And if you need anymore coaxing, it’s a beautiful 81 degrees right now. Come visit us!! 🙂

17 thoughts on “The Island is Open! Come and Visit Us!”

  1. Too bad I can’t get there from here let alone just get there. Rochester, NY is one of the most expensive airports to fly out of. Besides, my work/time off schedule means I would be able to go only during the major holidays and that is extremely expensive.

  2. 41 days til 2 weeks on STJ!!! Direct flight on United from EWR using miles (fares were in the low $500 range back in mid-Sept. for direct weekend flights).

    • Bob & Jean,
      That is fantastic. 14 trips for my wife and I. You are blessed. At 55, I don’t think I’m making it to 50 trips, LOL!!!

  3. 14 DAYS from today!!! .. had a dusting of snow this morning.. -Vermont.. already started packing my scuba gear .. well, at least checking .. I’ll have to wait until next week to pack.. 😉 Packing early won’t make it happen sooner..

    p.s. Guess it’ll be the Banana Deck for dinner .. long trip from VT..

  4. If you are in the DC area United non-stop service from Dulles leaving and returning Tuesday or Wednesday during January is currently $312 round trip. Just booked airfare for my 2nd visit to the island.

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