Tell the villa rental companies what you want!

Let’s face it. Virtually every villa you can rent has a drop-dead view. Most have pools or spas. Cool evening breezes are a dime a dozen. But what you REALLY want is a Plasma TV and Surround Sound, right? Or maybe something else.

In this week’s poll, tell it to the judges – the rental company managers. Choose any of the items below or spell out your own.

Got another suggestion? Click here to offer your two cents. We’ll deliver the results to the Villa folks.  (Initial responses said Net access was important, to I’ve added that to the list.)

16 thoughts on “Tell the villa rental companies what you want!”

  1. For several years myself and a group of friends have been renting villa’s from Private Homes. I can tell you with total honesty that we have never wanted for anything. If something does come up I make a call and they make it happen. I ask for something once and it is there every year. They make this the perfect vacatioin every year.

  2. How about internet service? There are villas that are now offering internet service but the majority do not. Sadly, in today’s world, many people can not just walk away from work. For those people, internet access is a must and any villa not offering it, is out!

  3. Everytime I get a great idea of how to make a living on the island, I read about it, I thought last time I was there that a Villa Concierge Service offering all these services would do well. so, now I am not alone, huh?

  4. As repeat island visitors, my family’s needs are different than first time visitors. Our goal is to get to the house and relax alone as soon as possible. We are pretty low maintenance. Our routine is such that we pick up our rental car on our own and we do not ask for a grocery stop.
    I do appreciate brief information on changes in the restaurant scene and would utilize a stocking service, if provided, by the rental agency. (We have used a provisioning service in the past.)
    For us, the best thing an agency could provide is a thorough walk-thru of the house prior to our check-in. In the past three trips, we encountered a disconnected hot water heater, closed cistern valves resulting in no water, pumps in need of priming, a tripped circuit breaker, and a broken hot tub, all discovered after the agent left the house.
    Interestingly enough, all three rentals were changed over that very day so I can’t figure out how many of these things happened in the short time between renters.
    None of these were huge issues as my husband was capable to handling them (except for the hot tub) after a phone call but they were annoying none the less.

  5. I believe your survey results will be skewed because you didn’t include options for “other” and “none of the above” (which may make people choose an option they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen)…personally I’d go with “none of the above” on this one…so I guess I just won’t vote 🙂

  6. Personally, I have never had a problem getting my own provisions, it’s half the fun arriving, getting in our rented jeep and going to the market. I would definitely vote for internet service. We had internet in our last villa and it really came in handy…..

  7. Heather, above, said everything for me. As a repeat visitor, there isn’t much I need, or ask, of the property owners or managers other than having the house in working order. It certainly is nice to see a welcome basket with immediate provisions (I particularly enjoy baked goods since I usually only stop for groceries on my way), but not necessary for those of us who have shopped before going to the house. If it is a house I have been to in the past, I tell the greeter they don’t even have to meet us as long as the house is unlocked.
    An updated restaurant list is a great idea since they do change from year to year. Internet? Nice for many I suspect, but I come to St. John to leave my computer and cell phone behind!
    There is ONE thing. A lime squeezer. I pack mine every year to make those rum punches (ORIGINAL recipe) and other yummy drinks with fresh lime!

  8. Just make sure there isn’t a scorpion under my pillow (true story). To be fair, the owners had just returned after being away for a month. Things like this make great stories however 🙂

  9. I guess,aside from an updated restaurant list,the only thing I would require is complete privacy. My girlfriend was in the shower in the villa we went to last year, and the villa owner got a free(although most assuredly not intentional) peep show,as the shower had a huge curtainless window in it! It’s always nice to meet people down there,but the “peep-show” aside, I’m paying for privacy, and I don’t want to feel like I’m being “baby-sat”.

  10. Couple of things…. A safe in the house (Yes some do, but some still don’t). They are cheap enoough and cuts down worries on petty theft.
    also, make sure ‘greeters’ are carrying a cell phone (and give out their number). Have had instances where we got in a bit earlier (or later), and only can call an answering machine (where they only sometimes check).

  11. My family & I have come to St. John every year for the last 6 years. Things 99% of the time are always fine, a nice clean house is always top of the list, privacy, and that welcome basket is great! So I can’t say that I would ask for much more cause all my needs are always met, or if I had to call for some reason have always been met with in 24 hrs. of calling the villa rental company that I have ever gone through. They give you the run down of the island (things to do, restraunts, etc.) I do my research first and ask about a safe, washer & dryer, A/C, pool/tub and things of that sort.
    So I can’t really complain about much. Just do your research first thats all. And people leave the internet behide! Thats what makes this island so great! It’s peaceful! Like a Corona commercial! And if you need your computer fix that bad… get a lap top with wireless, trust me you’ll get a connection.

  12. We agree on all posters comments! We do research before trip the best we can & hope all goes as planned on arrival. meeting villa greeter, picking up car than off to villa!!getting the walkthru & asking questions along the way, making sure there’s a contact number for contact while on island than it’s….. off to shop for groceries ! we enjoy this part it’s like it’s OFFICIAL! WE HAVE ARRIVED!! as for the internet we don’t care one way or the other! we do check in at home but realy want to get away from it!!!we make sure they have the villa nimber & management number in case of anemergency!!! Our other likes at villa PRIVACY!

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