Parking rate to rise at new ferry terminal

The cost of parking at the new ferry dock at Red Hook is going up.  The Port Authority is boosting the cost to $10 a day.  Before the
new terminal was built, it was $5 a day.

The Authority also  intends to levy an additional 50-cent a
person fee for people who park and ride the ferry, according to a story
in the Virgin Islands Daily News.
While folks using the car barge have been paying the additional
half-a-buck for some time, it was never collected for parkers.  The
Authority said it will rectify that by installing turnstiles at the new terminal.

This won’t affect most people vacationing on St. John, but it will
affect some day-trippers and people making service or sales calls to
the island. If you go across the Sound and plan to leave your car in
the lot while you go fishing off a charter boat at Red Hook, you’ll pay
the higher rates, too.

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