Take a Ride Through Cruz Bay…

Anyone wish they could be cruising around warm and sunny Cruz Bay right about now? Anyone wish it was summertime? Well if this sounds like you, you’re going to love this. Check out this GoPro video we shot this week. We started out at Frank Bay and cruised up to the Cruz Bay overlook. Then we drove back into town for some people watching. Oh and we brought some Kenny Chesney music along for the ride, so turn up the volume if you can. Enjoy!

Version 1: Sped up and includes music by Kenny Chesney

Version 2: Real time; no music.

(No need to worry, we don’t drive that fast. We sped the video up a bit.)

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9 thoughts on “Take a Ride Through Cruz Bay…”

  1. Next time, run it in real time, “island time”, rather than at high speed where you can’t really see anything as you pass it and it’s more like a video game than a ride into our town.

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