Surly Cantina’s back

Surly_2"Anyone in need of a steak asado taco/burrito?," asks Suzanne Schlessinger, co-owner of what was the Surly Cantina at Wharfside. "We're back!!"

(Co-owner) Craig Sullivan is taking over the kitchen at Crazy Cracker's. We open on Saturday. With the Surly Cantina menu plus some other new bites."

A few weeks ago, a dispute with the landlord forced Suzanne Schlessinger and Craig Sullivan out of their Wharfside location the street even as a new eatery opened up in their place, using a similar name and the same chef, she said. 

The restaurant business is a tough on on the island, and of course there are two sides to every story.  A second angle on this one is that some say there was a regulatory issue which might have had an impact on the decision for the Surly Cantina to move."

Schlessinger also claims the old Surly Cantina was paying $6,600 a month for a 160-square foot piece of the island at Wharfside.  (That's nearly downtown Chicago, Michigan Avenue, retail rates. ) A steep price?  She thinks, so, reminding that "It's a Taco stand!"

Schlessinger is using the Cantina's Facebook page as a way to keep in contact with many fans.  They include someone in Australia who wants her to open a shop there and a hungry person in San Diego ("Just across the border from Mexico!, she points out) who wants her to ship tacos.

Schlessinger and Sullivan managed to win two "Best of VI" awards from the Virgin Islands Daily News in their 18-month life at Wharfside.

7 thoughts on “Surly Cantina’s back”

  1. It should be no suprise the Wharfside Village landlord screwed you he has done it many times before. You know him and you should have known his tactics. Best of luck in you new location.

  2. We’ve been going to St J for 23 yrs and have heard all sorts of horror stories about the Wharfside rents and key fees. The turnover there has been unbelieveable and ultimately causes returning foot traffic to seek other shopping and dining locations rather than form a relationship with a facility that won’t be there next visit. Jim G

  3. What does it mean ‘taking over the kitchen’? Does this mean that they are the new lease holders of the property or does it mean they have brought their menu to this venue?
    Inquiring iguanas want to know.

  4. Having eaten there and had the gastrointestinal equivalent of Hiroshima I would not suggest it to a dog much less some one I like.

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