Sun Times big ADDY winner

In its first year of ownership of  the St. John Sun Times, Red Sunset Publishing took home a lion’s share of honors from the 2008 ADDY awards competition organized by the Ad Club of the VI. The honors go to the best advertising. design, display and marketing efforts during the past year.

Red Sunset garnered a total of five awards: three golds (two for cover designs), and two silver for editorial layout and another cover design.  The Tradewinds newspaper had a single win, a gold, for an ad on behalf of Caneel Bay and  the St. John Festival.  The new St. John magazine received four honors.  Two were gold prizes for publication design (consumer magazine and editorial spread).  The other two were for an editorial spread and the cover.  The magazine’s logo, by Kate Norleet’s Kate-N-Design, received a silver award for design.

8 thoughts on “Sun Times big ADDY winner”

  1. Hi Frank–thanks for the mention! We are pretty excited about the wins. Let’s hope it brings us more business! I’d also like to give kudos to Larry Safady who won an Addy for the comic strip “Iggy & Juana,” a strip he created for the Sun Times. AND the St John community has been congratulating us left and right wherever we go. It feels mighty good–thanks so much to all of you!

  2. The old adage of making a silk purse out of a sows ear comes to mind.
    I have never heard of a “magazine” being published two times a year? St. John “magazine” is nothing more than a guidebook in my opinion, poorly written, atrocious article about Alex Ewald with no photo support of her wonderful food… this “twice annual guide” does have beautiful pictures. Let’s call it “Steve Simonsen’s bi-annual photo guide to st. john” instead. Sure its a positive read and thats about it.
    As far as logo design for the magazine? Simply typing the name “St, John Magazine” makes you a winner? Buy a typeface and get an award??
    I’m switching professions. Hate law anyway.
    Sun Times? “Cute” magazine. Reminds me of my college campus newspaper….although ours was better written. We all knew what was going on on campus long before it was printed, but it was fun to see in print a week or so later I guess. If I was a visitor and read this stuff, i would wonder what in the world has happened to St. John?

  3. I like the St John Times – it has a lot more information than that snoozy Tradewinds that is always two weeks behind a story.
    But St John “Magazine” is a joke. I give it one more issue before it folds under its own arrogance. And that “logo” award is just plain silly. It’s a nice typeface that says St John. Give the award to the typeface designer.

  4. The St John Times cover artist has come along way with improving their photoshop skills, the first issue covers were very, very laughable as far as design!
    I never read the paper on line as it seems never to change. I hope this area will will also improve with time.

  5. To “bj”–thank you for the kind words about the covers; I bought the company less than a year ago so thanks for noticing that the covers have improved! Bill Stelzer still designs many of the new covers, it’s just that with a new owner comes a new aesthetic, and mine is different from the ex-owners’. The team I’ve assembled now is fantastic. As for the website…honestly? I didn’t have the staff to build the new one and update the old one at the same time–tough year! It’s being redesigned top to bottom in a BIG way–a new language even–and will debut very soon. Frank knows about it 🙂

  6. I despise mediocrity passed off as professional or award winning.
    And those individuals who defend the least common denominator also contribute to the debasement of our culture.
    Awards that are contrived or made with back door deals are equally reprehensible.
    There are professional standards for journalism, writing, photography and even my profession, law.
    I submit that lowering the standards of what is “award winning” or “professional” does no service to any of us.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…compared to what?

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