Uncertain future of Maho Bay land

Kayre Carney
, the listing agent for the almost-14 acres on which Maho Bay Campground sits, says there have been several expressions of interest in the land.  The price tag is $32 million. 

Carney told the Virgin Islands Daily News several prospective buyers have mentioned developing the land as a resort.  But she said the folks who have come to actually see it are looking at possible residential use. "It’s a no brainer," she told the Daily News. "It’s the safe rate of return." 

As projects like Pond Bay have shown, developing a resort can take an awful lot of time and money.  Selling building lots is more simple. Read the Daily News story: http://www.virginislandsdailynews.com/index.pl/article_home?id=17621493

The photo at left is a sign from the Trust for Public Land, one of several on island; this one at Little Maho.  The Trust previously purchased land around Maho, and has been interested in this last piece, but needs to do fund raising to make it happen.

5 thoughts on “Uncertain future of Maho Bay land”

  1. Why is it so necessary to mess up a prefect place? STJ is going to end up like all of theother islands…over crowded and NOT paridise!

  2. That is true Amanda, however since we will have long ago “Got Over It” nothing left to do except wonder what we could have done to prevent such a sad development to happen.

  3. Yes, it would be a real shame to see more development on tiny St. John. Where’s another Rockefeller with the money and good sense to hold that land in trust or donate it to the park system?

  4. get real…
    If you get the national park land donated back to the people of the virgin islands free of the faux protection of national park…the land prices tumble down..
    THEN….do what they do in the BVI—let only belongers own the land..with very strict control over who can but what and develop what..and very strict controls over development…
    wont happen..
    Realtors and developers and founding families that own the land on St John are seduced by Greed…and many other of Dantes “deadly sins” that are destroying st. john..
    Long live money, greed, pwoer and explotation of the land and environment.

  5. I don’t know that I would use the BVI as a model for responsible development. Have you seen the north shore of Tortola from the water? Not so pretty, and there are a lot of houses right on the sand – looks like a CAT2 storm surge would take most of it out. Anyway, barring a miracle from a modern-day Rockefeller (or Chesney) my guess is that we’ll see another Peter Bay at Maho. While that would be a shame, it could be a lot worse. I seriously doubt you’re going to see a big resort there, it would take just too long to get approvals with the local opposition the way it is. At least I hope I’m right….

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