Stunning Video of Scenic St. John

Stunning Video of Scenic St. John

Hello!  I received this video via email yesterday and I wanted to share it with all of you.  More Than Just Parks captures the stunning scenery and wildlife of St. John with fresh perspectives…All in a dynamic time lapse format. More Than Just Parks is an organization founded by brothers Will and Jim Pattiz that is dedicated to the conservation, preservation and enjoyment of public lands.  Their end goal?  To get you inspired to go out and explore your National Parks responsibly!

This film, Virgin Islands 8K, is a spot on capture of the natural wonder of one of the most beautiful parks in the world:  The Virgin Islands National Park.

For the filming of this three minute video, the brothers spent two weeks on St. John hiking every trail in the park and swimming in as many beautiful bays as they could squeeze in.  Sounds like a dream job, right???

The VI 8K video was released just 22 hours ago on YouTube and represents the park in its current, glorious status.  It features Trunk, Honeymoon, Maho, Cinnamon, Lameshur, Reef Bay (trail, ruins and sugar mill), Annaberg, Ram Head, Caneel Hill Trail, Margaret Hill, Catherineberg Ruins, Salomon, Francis and so much more.  Take three minutes to check it out.  Can you guess where they are in each capture?

If you liked this video, check out some of their others from this award winning film series!



11 thoughts on “Stunning Video of Scenic St. John”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!
    So true….The beauty of St. John is More Than About the Parks.
    Really makes me wish I was there!
    Thank you, great job!

  2. What will we do to lure tourists when these beautiful sights are no more, or diminished in their grandeur by what is permitted to surround them?
    The time to LOVE and care for St John is NOW! Get involved in coral and historical preservation.

  3. Not a very relaxing video! Why did you have to spoil it with super speed photos? St John is all about slowing down and enjoying the beauty.

    • Being from St John, starting over 65 years ago, I found the video’s use of “time lapse” to be not only unique for the application but a compelling enhancement of the video……..The music selection was also just right from my perspective…… In fact, I believe that very combination make the video different and a beautifully “must-see” destination for all..!!

  4. Magnificent video, fabulous. Yes, I think I can identify most of the places but I’m not a hiker , just a beach goer. I loooove my beaches and my very novice snorkeling.
    Thank you for such a beautiful video.
    Can’t wait to come back in May if everything goes according to plan.

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