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Ok everyone, the time has come. After working tirelessly for more than two months to create a super cool board game for all of you to enjoy, we’re finally able to reveal details on St. Johnopoly. We’re also able to start accepting preorder sales. How exciting is that??!!

Drum roll please… 🙂

St. Johnopoly is just like that other famous “-opoly” game you’ve all heard of (and probably played) except it is 100 percent customized for St. John. Rather than an iron and a dog for tokens, we have a palm tree and a flip flop (and others too of course). Rather than taking a ride on the Reading Railroad, you’re going to take a ride on Sadie Sea Charters. Everything from the game board spaces to the tokens to the cards and the money is completely customized for St. John. We’ve got bars, restaurants, resorts, villas and more! Oh and instead of going to jail, you’re going to be sent to… Well I guess you’ll have to buy the board game to find out!

Trust me, this is going to be amazing!

And because we love our community so very much, we plan to give a portion of every single game sold to the following on island organizations:

  • Animal Care Center
  • St. John Cancer Fund
  • Team River Runner
  • Friends Helping Friends

Once we have the games in hand, we plan to have a pretty sweet launch party. Stay tuned for details on that!

(Check out all of these exclamation marks I’m using … can you tell I’m super excited about this?!)

In the meantime, we’re now able to accept preorders. We only have a limited quantity available, so please don’t wait to order. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this. It’s awesome!!

Our estimated shipping date is August 2014 and all games will be shipped with love courtesy of Papa News of St. John. 🙂 (Thanks Dad!) They will also be available on island at several retailers beginning in late August.

Ready to buy yours? Click here to place your order… 

16 thoughts on “On Sale Now…”

      • Hello, i just ordered the board game and paid through my paypal account. However; it did not redirect me to you to show where to ship? Please help with this. Thank you.

      • Very excited about the game, and was happy to see the discount code (newsletter) that was on the front page. But not only does the coupon code not work, but the “free shipping” turned into $10 shipping. What’s going on with that?

        • Good morning Andy,

          The free shipping offer that expired this past Sunday night. Try the coupon code again. I’ve had several people successfully use it this morning. newsletter needs to be typed in all lowercase letters. If you still have trouble getting this to work, please email me at [email protected] Thanks!!

  1. I got mine ordered!! Can’t wait to get it. I recently moved back to Florida, after 8 years in the VI ( so sad to leave) But this will help the time in between visits. I’m just hoping that there will be plenty of ‘boozy undertones’.

  2. I purchased a St. Johnopoly game months back during presale. I still have not received one.?.? How do I inquire about this?

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