Odds & Ends…

Happy Sunday everyone! We have some odds and ends that we promised we’d get out there, so here you go…

caravan alignment

Caravan Auto now has a computerized alignment rack that will accommodate passenger vehicles as well as Safari taxis – a first on St John. According to the folks over at Caravan Auto, “a professional alignment on island will save us all in tire and front end replacements and repairs by eliminating accelerated wear on these parts. At Caravan, we refer to island miles in a similar fashion to dog years – seven to one. (We’re) excited to bring this professional service to our island.”

So head on over to Caravan Auto and schedule your appointment today.

And in other news… It’s here!

stjohnopoly fb

Did you get yours yet? They’re selling quickly, so please reserve yours today. Trust us, this is going to be so cool!

Visit www.StJohnopoly.com to purchase yours today. (Estimated shipping date is August 2014)

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