Steve Simonsen’s 2019 Calendar is Here!

simonsen calendar 2019

For those of you who have been following News of St. John for a bit, you probably know what a huge fan of Steve Simonsen I am. He is an amazing photographer, and his wife Janet – also his photography assistant – is equally amazing. So naturally, I get super excited when they unveil their annual calendar. Well friends, that happened earlier this week. So exciting!

If you need a little St. John in your life every day, you need this calendar. If you want to see the beauty that is St. John and after two storms rolled through, you need this calendar. And if you want to support two longtime St. John residents who have given so much to the community over the years, please buy this calendar.

steve and janet simonsen“With all the challenges we have faced this year, you will see the resilience and beauty that St. John truly is in the majority of the photos which were taken post hurricane,” the Simonsens wrote on their Facebook page Tuesday.

The calendar costs just $18. All of the proceeds will go toward the rebuilding of the Simonsen’s home, which they lost during Hurricane Irma.

You can purchase the calendar online at: stevesimonsen.net/Home/Calendar.html

And one more pic:

steve calendar back 2019

Beautiful, isn’t it??

Happy Friday everyone. I hope it’s a great one.

13 thoughts on “Steve Simonsen’s 2019 Calendar is Here!”

  1. I prefer a yearly calendar. Can you please suggest he make a yearly calendar? I usually have to make my own and it’s a pain.


  2. We met Steve when he did a family shoot on St. John in early August. What a wonderful man. All that he has been through and still keeps smiling. We had purchased three 2018 calendars for our family and will continue to do so.
    BTW it IS a yearly calendar!

  3. Beautiful calendar!
    I purchased it for my husband and wish I had ordered more! It makes me want to visit the island again- and I will!

    Good luck with your rebuilding of your home.

  4. Just purchased my calendar! My husband and I come to the island every year – our 2nd home. So happy to be able to support St. John as well as enjoy the pictures when we aren’t able to be there! Happy Holidays to all!

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