St. John music fest: Buffett, Chesney, Clapton?

WestinphillipPhillip Morris is here, Jimmy Buffett soon come (?)

The Phillip Morris Executive Forum opened tonight at the Westin Resort at Great Cruz Bay amid reports that Jimmy Buffet would perform in concert during the meetings. The same source posted on USVI-On-Line.com, "Another certain star that lives in St. John is arriving a day or two ahead of the show. Wonder is, will he sing with him?"

Kenny Chesney, too?

More news … the Blue Guitar, Eric Clapton’s yacht, is reported anchored in the Charlotte Amalie harbor on St. Thomas.

The concert could be titled, "Three guitars, no waiting."

The opening Phillip Morris event, dinner on the beach at the Palm Terrace restaurant, is underway as I write this. It features music by a Cubano-jazz group. (Lots of conga drumming. And yelling.) Now they’re playing "Besame Mucho."  Soft dinner music.  I like that.

The beach is bathed in red lighting, underneath a nearly full moon (three days past). Clearly pleasure precedes business at this conference.

Buffett played here last year for the PM group. The island was in a tizzy, with folks trying any number of ways to get access. Word is he played under an outdoor tent on the beach, within earshot of the Great Cruz Bay "gold coast" neighborhood. Check back for frequent updates.

8 thoughts on “St. John music fest: Buffett, Chesney, Clapton?”

  1. The rumors,again, RUMORS I heard this weekend were the Rolling Stones or Stevie Wonder. It’s a small island and when rumors start, they have a life of their own. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Elvis is playing…..

  2. For what it’s worth, Buffett siad at his concert on Saturday night in Tampa, that he was going to the Virgin Islands this week, could be!!

  3. I shot a few pics of Blue Guitar while walking the waterfront in STT this morning. Can email them to you if you like. No telling if Clapton’s around, but the M/Y is/was here today 3/11

  4. Was there in Feb and have pics of said Yacht by the ferry docks.
    Blue Guitar is a classic.
    Crew said “Maybe”
    As A musician I am not ” freaked out” over meeting another player.
    Very nice Eric hope the Gig went well

  5. Blue Guitar not owned by clapton . spoke to the crew last year while in st thomas and was told it belonged to someone who was with the smithsonian institute and a clapton afficionado.

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