St. Johnians give Governor an earful

Townmeeting Dozens of locals, some described as ‘irate’, met with Gov. John deJongh in a town meeting this week.

“We came to this … knowing that residents are irate,” the Governor said.

Nevertheless, he explained on his own Government House blog, it was important to hear the island’s other concerns “such as road conditions solid waste management, as well as property taxes, and we (were) here to address them.” 

A group from Coal Bay was angry about an upscale multi-unit condo
project being permitted with no notice to its critics. “You did it in
secret,” said resident Pam Gaffin, according to a report by by the St. John Source.

Oddly, there was little talk about property taxes during the session at Gifft Hill School.  There was no assurance from the Governor about if or when the Territory’s tax system will resume functioning.

During the meeting, deJongh said efforts continue to find a city planner for St. john. “We had two person(s) express interest, but they did not accept the position,” he said. ”Our goal is to have a city planner in place as soon as possible.”

Complaints about the island’s road lanes not being marked well, especially on Centerline, have been heard. DeJongh said, “We have the machines, the materials are on order and once training is complete” the job will get done.

Other issues raised:

  • The government should develop a vendors plaza to accommodate crafts people
  • Improve public bus transportation
  • Increase police staffing in Coral Bay

Read the Source report here: http://stjohnsource.com/content/news/local-news/2009/07/28/residents-upset-bordeaux-mountain-villas-group-dwelling-permit

Read the Governor's report of the meeting here: http://www.governordejongh.com/blog/2009/07/Governor-Cabinet-Members-Field-Questions-at-St-John-Town-Meeting.html

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  1. So how will the government provide services like increased police staffing, improved bus service, better lane markers .. if it is not collecting property taxes? Do the sales taxes cover everything? Are they borrowing it all? Just asking.

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