Park boss wants beach shuttle

Repaving of the North Shore Road is on track to begin in the fall, according to the Park's Superintendent. 

Rotary_logo Mark Hardgrove told a meeting of St. John Rotary that bids for the work came in 25% less than budgeted..  This means, he said, the project can be expanded to include more repaving and include road behind the NPS building in Cruz Bay, the St. John Source said in its report of the meeting.

The Superintendent also said he’s hoping to enlist island taxi drivers in establishing shuttle transportation to the beaches.  He’d like to see a system that would let people get on and off vehicles along the way.  he said this would reduce parking problems and congestion at Trunk Bay as well as increase the drivers' income because they’d be driving more and waiting less.

Read the full St. John Source story at http://stjohnsource.com/content/news/local-news/2009/02/27/hardgrove-paving-parking-tap-park

4 thoughts on “Park boss wants beach shuttle”

  1. The shuttle idea is great. They would need signs posted at each stop with the times listed of when the shuttle would be at that stop again and what direction it would be heading.
    This is what other island destinations are also considering to help spurn tourism and save on parking and fuel.

  2. The shuttle idea makes sense; therefore, it will never happen. The idea has been floating around for at least 20 years.

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