St. John Video: Honeymoon Beach

Andrew Burnett is a traveler and photographer.  he’s done a few videos of St. John and this is one of them. The focus is Honeymoon Beach, a short walk from the Caneel Bay Resort.

“Sugary white sands and normally calm waters make Honeymoon the perfect spot for sun seekers and snorkelers alike,” he wrote in this YouTube posting. Produced by Burnett and his Come Out And Play Productions. [email protected]

3 thoughts on “St. John Video: Honeymoon Beach”

  1. just got back from St John 2 weeks ago. Spent a beautiful day on Honeymoon beach until a big sail boat showed up and dropped about 30 Japanese tourists directly in front of us. They had the entire beach but they landed within a few feet. They were fun to talk to and we are still laughing about how odd it was to be on a romantic beach alone one minute and having 30 or more people walking on top of you the next. So much for romance! Its still worth the walk. Beautiful, usually quiet beach.

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