St. John summer restaurant closings

Sweet Plantains in Coral Bay, Vie’s Snack Shack on East End, and La Plancha del Mar in Cruz Bay are among the first restaurants to put up the ‘gone fishing’ signs for the summer.

Seasonal closings of the island eateries are not unusual, might even be critical given the owners and staff may work six and seven days a week in a such a competitive, pressured business.

PlanchaIf you’re planning a visit, check out the closings information page maintained by St. John Spice.  It’s the  best one-stop source the Inquiring Iguana has found.

Of course there are other reasons why restaurants and some businesses close in August and September.  One is concern about the weather, as well as the fact business simply falls off as the number of visitors declines.

But Jason Howard, co-owner of La Plancha has another explanation for closing the next two weeks.  He and Sarah Slattery were married last Friday, the 27th.

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