New Webcam, just in time for storms

Mabe it's the grizzled reporter background, but … well, Webcams from gorgeous villas have their roles.  One, of course, is marketing.  It's a way for the owners to show would-be renters what the view looks like from up on high at their place.

And this new installation at Sunset Villas, fills the bill.  It is a wonderful longshot of Great Cruz Bay and across the Sound to STT.

But the reporter in the Inquiring Iguana says, "Hey, when the big one hits … this is a camera to click to get a handle on what's happening."

Kudos, and thanks, to Sunset Ridge for another 'point of view' on the beautiful island.

And right on cue, the National Hurricane Center said it is now following an area of interest in the Atlantic.

“Environmental conditions are conducive to tropical cyclone formation,” the NHS said.  The Center gives the low a 70% chance of becoming a storm.

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  1. Just to reassure you, the webcam is not aimed at a hot tub. What you’re seeing (that in the webcam may resemble a hot tub) is actually a fountain. When turned on, the water flows over the rock ledge and into a shallow sectioned-off part of the swimming pool.

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