St. John sees fire and rain


Over the weekend, Mother Nature had some more surprises for the island.  Bob Schlesinger (TropicalFocus.,comsays the sky got cloudy and for a moment he thought maybe he could be in Kansas.  Off in the distance … a waterspout.  He saw four of them! Wikipedia calls it a "tornado over water." Fortunately, it stayed off shore.


Meanwhile, out on the far East End, folks have been watching smoke from a fire at a garbage dump on Tortola for several days. Sloop Jones, who passed along this photo, says the dump is only three miles north of the island.  He's been posting info about the fire on his Facebook page .  Annie Caswell, a local, write on Sloop's page, "Yah, that is messing with my eyes, sinus and chest!"

4 thoughts on “St. John sees fire and rain”

  1. For at least the past 5 years everytime I drive to the east end, that dump has always been smoking. Is this different somehow?

  2. we are tired of living in air polluted by their crap. it’s time the BVI (“nature’s little secret”) cleans up nature’s little dirty secret!

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