St. John: trouble on the high seas

It's been a tough couple of weeks for ferries at Enighed Pond.  

On Friday, a barge carrying a tanker truck filled with gasoline had an accident. Bound for the island's only gas station, E&C, the truck rubbed against the barge and sprang a leak while offloading.  

One report estimated 1,000 gallons of high test fell into the water.  But the manager of E&C, Myrtle Barry, disputed that, the St. John Source reported.

The damaged tanker was moved off to the side and its cargo moved to another tanker, the Source said.

In the past few weeks there have been two Enighed Pond-related accidents.  In one, the Westin's ferry ran aground.  In the other, a car barge hung up on the rocks, too.

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