St. John: Nature at its Finest

moon rising

As many of you probably know, something spectacular happened in the sky last night. Around 9:07 p.m., a lunar eclipse began, ending with an incredible blood moon around an hour-and-a-half later. I hiked up to Ram Head to see it for myself, and it was truly spectacular. I took a few pictures for all of you with my fancy new iPhone 6+. Check them out…

The moon rising as seen from Chateau Bordeaux:

moon rise 2

The moon rising as seen from the gravel overlook on Centerline Road: moon rise 3

The full moon as seen from Calabash Market: moon over water

About a dozen people were hanging out on top of Ram Head. Some had fun glow sticks with them:

glow sticks

A couple waits for the lunar eclipse to begin:

waiting for full moon

Now on to the professionals: Mr. Steve Simonsen, took the following images. One of us is a tad better photographer than the other… 🙂 Seriously, his photographs are awe-inspiring.

steve 1

steve 2

steve 3

steve 4

steve 5

steve 6

steve 7

steve 8

steve 9

steve 10

steve 11

steve 12

Steve posts fantastic pictures on Facebook several times a week. Click here to visit his page.

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  1. We had to many high clouds here in the eastern Sierras to see it. Enjoyed Steve and Janet’s postings as it phased through. Thanks for your photos too. Phones don’t show the moon very well. I have given up and rely on professionals.

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