St. John ferry rate going up 20%

Despite opposition from two VI Commissioners, the Public Service Commission approved fare increases for St. John ferry service this week.

The new rates, $6 from Red Hook to Cruz Bay and $12 between St. John and Charlotte Amalie, will go into effect Monday, Nov. 9, according to the St. John Source.

The PSC approved the rate increase after twice reviewing financial records from the ferry companies, Varlack Ventures and Transportation Services.

In its report of the PSC meeting, the St. John Source said there is reason for concern about continuation of St. John-Charlotte Amalie service.  The ferry companies complain it is a money loser during the summer.  They have proposed eliminating the route July to November, as well as cutting two Red Hook round trips.

It's interesting that Gov. de Jongh released statements in opposition to the ferry rate hikes just a few days before the PSC meeting and vote.  As the Inquiring Iguana pointed out this week, too, it's verrrry interesting that in reporting his own Commissioners' resistance , the Governor didn't make his own position known. By the way, the he appoints the PSC's voting members.

The Iguana thinks the Governor looked the other way on this one, tried to still have his cake and eat it too. A cynic would ask, at the least, whether Varlack or TS contributed to the Governor's election campaign.

Read the Source story at http://stjohnsource.com/content/news/local-news/2009/10/30/psc-approves-ferry-rate-hikes.

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  1. It is is easy enough to find out if the two ferry companies contributed to the Governor’s campaign. BTW; when the companies whined for a million dollars a couple of years a go, the Gov. suggested that the routes be put up for bid. He also insisted that they conduct and document credible audits meeting CPA standards. The legislature responded by voting to give them the million dollars.

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