St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City

Good Morning, Good Morning!  I have some pretty incredible news to share with all of you today!  On March 30, the St. John Cancer Fund’s (SJCF) Light up the Night Event will take place for the first time since 2020.  This once annual fundraiser, the primary in-person fundraising event for SJCF, will take place at the newly re-opened National Park Ballfield (across the street from Mongoose Junction) on March 30 from 3pm-midnight.  The in-person event is an incredible community gathering…There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be a dunk tank, live music, a luminary ceremony and delicious food and drinks for purchase.  And above all, there will be LOVE.  Join us as we walk together to honor our loved ones lost, to celebrate the survivors, to cheer on the warriors in our community as they fight a battle with cancer.

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The St. John Cancer Fund has assisted hundreds of St. John residents fighting an arduous battle with cancer since its inception in 2012.  Together, with our community, and the fiscal management of the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, SJCF has raised and granted over $750,000 to Love City residents who have been diagnosed with cancer.  A fund of this type would be of absolute importance in ANY community.  But on St. John, we are thousands of miles away from high quality health care and a large number of our community members are uninsured.  Thus, making SJCF an imperative resource for any resident fighting a battle with cancer.

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 2
Light up the Night is an amazing event for all ages!

In addition to spiraling medical costs associated with any cancer diagnosis, our residents are also plagued with travel costs to reach adequate health care providers.  A higher-than-average cost of living, paired with having to be away for months or weeks on end while undergoing treatment makes cancer an EXTRA tough pill to swallow for Love City community members.  SJCF provides up to $4k annually to any St. John resident who is facing a new diagnosis or continuing ongoing treatments.  These funds may be used for travel expenses, rent and other bills, groceries and, of course, medical costs.

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Due to the pandemic and the absolute CRAZY busy times on St. John that immediately followed it, SJCF has been unable to host Light up the Night since 2020.  So, they are aiming for this year’s event to be the best one yet!  They have set a fundraising goal of $120k.  This number will allow SJCF to assist 30 individuals in need of financial assistance directly associated with a cancer diagnosis or ongoing treatments.

The community of Love City has been rallying around the upcoming event with in-person, on the ground fundraisers taking place and preliminary on-line team fundraising at an all-time high (over $21k!).  Over 30 teams have signed up to support SJCF’s fundraising efforts for this year’s Light up the Night.  Many of which you will recognize as favorite watering holes, dining and retail establishments.  You can support your favorite team’s fundraising efforts via their Fundraising Page on the Donately Platform!

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 4
Last night at Beach Bar, SJCF Board Members and Volunteers showed up to support the establishment during their fundraising event.

Board members and supporters of SJCF have been out on the street with grassroots fundraising efforts as well.  Board member Hank Slodden has been circulating the new Heart of Love City statue at events and on street corners around St. John in an effort to boost awareness and funds for the upcoming Light up the Night event.

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 5
SJCF Board Members and Light up the Night organizers and supporters have been pounding the pavement on St. John

He even wheeled the statue through the procession of the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which was hosted this year by The Beach Bar.  Excitement crowded the streets surrounding the heart as Hank walked from Gallows Point to the Beach Bar where other team members who were selling Light up the Night T-Shirts and Golden Ticket raffle tickets on the street.

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 6
Hank and the Heart of Love City in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Other unique (and generous!) fundraising happenings include the efforts of Team Sam & Jack’s Deli.  Set up in the model of a kick-starter platform, owner Allison Gould has developed some incredible incentives for big ticket donations.  Including, the participation in creating your own sandwich which will appear on the board and menu at the deli until the next Light up the Night!

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 7
Sam & Jack’s Kickstarter Style Fundraising Campaign.

On Wednesday, the staff at Beach Bar donated 100% of their tips from the entire day with a match from owners Reed and Sherry Compton.  They also designed special t-shirts that are still on sale with 100% of the proceeds going to SJCF.  At High Tide, drink specials are running now through the event date with all proceeds going to SJCF and the High Tide team total for Light up the Night.

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 8
Stop by High Tide and drink to St. John Cancer Fund!

Catered To Vacation Homes reached out to many of their villa owners to engage their support.  And Fourth Grade Students at Gifft Hill School held a walk-a-thon in the very location that the event will take place as a part of Gifft Hill Gives Back Day, raising over $4k in one day to put towards their Light up the Night team total.  Trivia and Cookies for Community has dedicated all funds raised in the month of March from their Wednesday night trivia at Johnny Lime to Light up the Night and St. John Cancer Fund.

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 9
Gifft Hill Fourth Graders held a walkathon for SJCF on Gifft hill Gives Back Day.

The support from this community is, as always, over-flowing with love and generosity.  And it doesn’t just stop at the team fundraising support.  Generous sponsors for the event have rallied behind the cause with 340 Real Estate, American Paradise Real Estate, Love City Strong and North Shore Deli donating directly in order to support Light up the Night and the cause it stands for.  Bellows International, West Indies Company and St. John Brewers will be supplying all of the beverages for the event.  Love City Community Network will provide a wi-fi hot spot for online donations and Love City Ice will provide ice and water stations for the night of the event.

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 10
Ninth Mile T-Shirt Sales were dedicated to LUTN and SJCF by St. John Brewers during the 8 Tuff weekend.

This year, SJCF has gathered support from more than twenty local businesses in order to put together FIVE lodging packages for the Golden Ticket Raffle.  Each package includes accommodations, excursions and activities and shopping and dining certificates from some of your favorite on-island establishments.  So, for this particular raffle, participants will have not one, not two but FIVE opportunities to win a trip to St. John!

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 11
The purchase of raffle tickets is not a tax-deductible donation.

Tickets are $100 each, five for $450 or ten for $1000 and may be purchased via SJCF’s website.  Additional details on the raffle may also be found via the link.  Online ticket sales will be open until March 29 at 11PM and the drawing will take place at Light up the Night on March 30.  Tickets will also be on sale in-person at the event until 9PM that evening.  Try your hand at one of five prize packages and Enter to Win today!

St. John Cancer Fund Event Returns to Love City 12
Get your Golden Ticket today!

We will update you again on the fundraising activities and details on the Light up the Night event next week.  If you are on island on March 30, I do hope you will follow along for more details and JOIN the Love City Community while we walk with purpose next Saturday.  For more information on the event or how to support St. John Cancer Fund and Light up the Night, please shoot them a message!

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Tax-deductible donations can be allocated to St. John Cancer Fund via the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands:  Donate Today.

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