The Details on the Incredible Megayacht Anchored Off the North Shore

solandge pic

If you’re heading along the North Shore today, keep an eye out for a pretty impressive yacht that’s anchored in the waters beyond Cinnamon Bay. Not on the island today? You may be able to catch a glimpse of it by checking out one of three webcams – AmorosaIsland Stones and La Jolla Caribe.

The yacht is called Solandge and at 279-feet in length, it’s one of the largest in the world. What makes this megayacht special (other than the fact that it’s unbelievably large and luxurious) is that after being christened in Germany just last month, it chose the Caribbean as the destination for its maiden voyage. But really, who wouldn’t?

Solandge left Germany a few weeks ago and was off the marine radar until last Thursday when it sailed into port over in St. Thomas. The megayacht arrived in St. John late Saturday.

The 279-foot yacht can accommodate 12 guests and boasts 29 crew members. That means there is nearly 2.5 crew members per guest. Talk about luxury. The yacht also boasts six decks, a helipad and a swimming pool.


And for those of you interested (or perhaps dreaming like I am), Solandge charters at around $650,000 a week. That’s it???

We here at News of St. John are super curious as to who is chartering the megayacht this week. We’ll send a couple of koozies to anyone who knows. 🙂


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  1. We could see it up close and personal from cinnamon today but didn’t get close enough to find out who was avoard! Shucks if I had known loonies were at stake, we would have snorkeled out to it!!

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