Former Resident Debuts Novel About Love City


Love City has made its way into the pages of a book once again, as a former resident recently released a novel based on his own island experiences.

David Culberson lived on St. John from the 70s through the 90s and had a hand in the development of Gallows Point, Estate Concordia, Gifft Hill, Cruz Views and Battery Hill. He just released “Back Time on Love City: The Carnival Never Stops” and he’d like you all to read it. Some of the characters are based on people living on island, so you may come across someone you know … although the names have been changed.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the book:

Back Time on Love City, a factually-based work of fiction, is set amongst the pristine backdrop of an island in the Caribbean. Pre-AIDS, pre-DEA, way pre-9/11 and seemingly light years away from today’s world, the story takes place just a few years ago, when the island’s cultural fabric was made up of a blend of strange characters, all with magnetic personalities and somehow living together in chaotic harmony.

Torn between the relative safety of doing what was expected, living and working close to home in Middle America farmland, or blindly plunging into ‘sharky’ waters (literally), our young hero readily chose the sharks. A rookie to the sea and island life, he was innocently drawn to a modern-day pirate by the name of Captain Jay. With high drive and low scruples, the pirate takes the rookie under his dark wing. Often times, Jay’s antics nearly kill him but, somehow, our main character grew stronger and more savvy, eventually transforming his dark lessons into a very bright future – only after tragic events caused their roles to reverse.

A resident of the island of St. John from the 70s into the 90s, Culberson has written a rollicking good read, full of adventure, danger, and laughter, and is sure to transport the reader back time to a perfect place called “Love City.”

And here’s a brief bio of David courtesy of Amazon.com:

David Culberson grew up in the middle of Illinois farmland and has bobbed and weaved his way through the past few decades to become an influential global presence in low-impact and sustainable development. His particular expertise is with environmentally sensitive and logistically difficult properties in or near some of the world’s most outstanding environments: Belize, the Caribbean, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, and the boreal forests on the shores of Lake Superior. 

“Back Time on Love City: The Carnival Never Stops” is available for purchase or download on Amazon.com. Click here visit its page over on Amazon.

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