Snack shop opens at Salt Pond

U P D A T E D and corrected

Longtime St. Johnian Cheryl Geller has opened a snack shop at Salt Pond, on the east end of the island.  Actually, it’s Larry Grenier – who’d been a bartender at Sklinny’s years and then moved down the road to Aqua Bistro for two years.  Now, he’s on his own!

The Tourist Trap is what he calls her "old style island eatery," offering nachos, hot dogs, submarines and sandwiches.  "Everything is homemade," according to promotional materials, although there are exceptions for items like bread, tortilla chips and cheese. 

The colorful shed-on-a-trailer sits near the entrance to Salt Pond Bay.  (Google Maps link here.)

As for Salt Pond, frankly, I’ve never understood its charm, as a beach.  It has little shade to offer, so on a hot day, it’s hot!  The water is shallow, again meaning if it’s a hot day you’re not going to get cooled by a dip in the ocean.  And the beach is a rocky, downhill trek. That means UPhill coming back.  Carrying chairs and towels and bags makes the trip a little much.  And, as I said, the payoff … the beach … is nothing to write home about.The envrionmentalist crowde seems to like it but, give me Francis Bay anytime.

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  1. Thanks to Salt Pond for their rough terrain, hot cove, and required hike to the water – keeps most people away so it’s always peaceful and quiet. I’ll take Salt Pond ANY day – just keep the noisy kids on North Shore 🙂

  2. Frank just doesn’t get it. Salt Pond is a wonderful beach…shade to be found if you want it….a great hike to Rams Head starts from there…..I guess my 40+ years of visits were a mistake. Frank, Salt Pond is what St. John is about!

  3. Salt Pond is a favorite. Not only is it usually deserted, but every time I’ve been there (okay, 3) I’ve seen turtles while snorkling. Enough said.

  4. I don’t think Frank “doesn’t get it”..
    I think everyone has their favorite beach, restaurant, bar, etc…different strokes…thank god for that too…life sure would be boring if we all had the same “likes” and “dislikes”…

  5. And what about just across from Salt Pond? Where can you find a beach with such, uhm, interesting creative . . . things except Drunk Bay? We love Salt Pond and go there at least once every trip. It was a haven last time when the north shore beaches were all so very high.

  6. I love that everyone is defending Salt Pond! I walk to it in the mornings from my house on my way to Ram’s Head and/or Drunk Bay. Love it. While we’ve got everyone’s attention I’d like to remind everyone one to pick up their trash – and if you seen trash on the beach and it’s not yours, pick it up anyway. Cigarette butts are the worst. Let’s keep our beaches clean! Thanks!

  7. We love Salt Pond. Last year we saw three sharks (didn’t bother us at all), lots of squid and two turtles. We love it there!

  8. Salt Pond is fine when the north shore and elsewhere is swell-ridden. I like the hike to Bluestone Beach and Ram’s Head but most enjoy my annual snorkle to the coral towers about a quarter mile to the right of Bluestone.

  9. We too make a trek to Salt Pond. One year, however, I came face to face with what looked like a 50 pound jelly fish. I set a water speed record getting to the beach. There were dozens of them.

  10. We discovered Salt Pond on our last trip (#5). I was pregnant and limited in hiking. It was a great place to snorkel … easy in and out. We went out past the cluster of rocks and it was peaceful and pretty. I would recommend a visit.

  11. Isn’t it great that St. John has a beach for every taste? On days you want a little hike, go to Salt Pond. If the swells are bad on the North Shore you can also go to Lameshure or to Long Bay on the East End. If you want more shallow water near shore or to park close in, try Maho, on and on. What a great place–a beach for every occasion AND yes, pick up all the trash you can find.:D

  12. Frank, I think you have all the first and last names jumbled up. I don’t know Larry but the last name “Grenier” belongs to James, who is a partner of Cheryl and Larry, but not a longtime bartender at Skinny Legs. Try again.

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