Bookings are off at the Westin

It sounds like the ‘W’ mattress isn’t the only thing that’s soft at the Westin St. John Resort and Villas

The Wall Street Journal reports the director of sales and marketing saying the resort is 80% booked for the year-end holidays.  Usually, it would be sold out, Bill Thompson told the newspaper.

During the summer, he noticed Westin guests were cutting back on the extras.  They came to the pool with juice boxes and snacks for the kids.  Adult guests were "having one drink at the bar and (then) going back to their rooms and opening up their own bottle of wine."

The Westin’s response: "Santa Savings".  Room rates start at $435 a night, which Thompson says is 30% below last year.

8 thoughts on “Bookings are off at the Westin”

  1. The Westin St. John has become overpriced for a while compared to what you can get in a private villa. They also increased the amount of Starwood points required for an awards stay and it’s now beyond even some of the top Starwood properties in the world including Venice and the South Pacific. Yes, it is a nice resort. I personally love the way they maintain the gardens. But, private villas are the way to go at this price. But, each to their own tastes.

  2. I agree also….beautiful property but at that steep price a villa is a better value for us. The Westin?..nice but overpriced.

  3. The westin is the most overpriced resort in the caribbean. We stayed there in 2006 and loved it. I would love to go back, but they have just priced themselves out of the market. A villa is much cheaper. If they were to reduce pricing to the mid 300 dollar range, they will be able to get back the guests they have lost. The problem now is that people are finding cheaper alternitives. Will these people ever come back to St,john in the future?

  4. Hey Westin
    Wake up and smell the Coffee, Your prices are WAY TOO HIGH. Bring it down to a realistic level and maybe you will be full again. People do not want to pay $435.00 a night when there are better alternatives. I too would rent a Villa its a better deal and much more private.

  5. (A reader asked me to post her e-mail message to me as a Comment.)
    Hello Frank;
    I love your newsletter.
    Just wanted to give you some info: The discounted rate @ the Westin sounds good, BUT, they also tack on a “Resort fee”.
    The cost of this resort fee for 7 nights is $ 832.47.
    So, while it sounds good that the Westin is ‘Lowering” prices, they are making up for the price difference with a surcharge.
    Now you can understand why the visitor level to the westin is dropping. The best rate that I was able to get was $ 505 a night.
    The cost for 7 nights, with no transportation was Almost $4800.00 when you factor in the resort fee and taxes. Add approx another $ 1100.00 for airfare from NY, and the cost of food and drinks. The total for this trip could be over $ 8000.00 for 7 days.
    That is insane compared with other destinations in the caribbean. We can go to Jamaica @ Half Moon for $ 3000.00 less! A cruise on Holland America, in a Deluxe Suite is $ 4,200.00.
    Caneel Bay, for the same time period, was $ 1000.00 cheaper.
    When the operators of the westin come to their senses, we will go back. As of now, I am actually considering going to Caneel bay because I love St.John so much.

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