Snack Shacks Helping Local Felines

Cat Feeding StationChances are, you may have seen one of these cat shack feeding stations somewhere across the island, but many do not know how valuable these little huts are to St. John.

The St. John Animal Care Center (ACC) has 30 feeding stations located in neighborhoods throughout the island. The ACC supplies food for many of the stations while volunteers stock them daily. Local residents also donate food to supply the cat shacks, as well as for the island’s feral cat population.

These stations are an integral part of the ACC’s spay and neuter program, as many of the animals are found within close proximity to the feeding stations. In 2012, 321 cats were trapped, spayed or neutered, and released. These programs are a proven success, according to Ryan Moore, ACC shelter manager, as there are no large packs of not-fixed felines roaming the island.

If you would like to know more about the ACC and its programs, please click here.

2 thoughts on “Snack Shacks Helping Local Felines”

  1. Great idea, I remember these when I lived in the islands. The ACC can never have enough food for the animals, donate folks, even if it is just one bag of food.

  2. I just finished a really good book: Nature Wars. I highly recommend it for those who love the island’s indigenous wildlife.

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