Grande Bay’s Residence Club Makes Couple’s Dream a Reality


Grande Bay Owners

Like many people who visit St. John, the Urdanetas dreamed of someday owning a piece of the island. They quickly fell in love with Grande Bay, its location and all of its amenities. The Urdanetas were the first people to purchase a fractionally owned residence through the Grande Bay Residence Club.  That was two years ago; they now own 12 weeks in the club.

“If you are dreaming of paradise, this is the place to go,” the Urdanetas said. “…. It is our home away from home.”

Click here to learn more about their story and how they made their dream of living on St. John come true.

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  1. We are here now n very interested in purchase. Talked to dawn yesterday but still waiting on email from sales person. To possibly leave tomorrow….we were hoping that we would get pricing before leaving so we could preview first.????? Room 1-30s

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