Sloop Jones Auctioning Sign to Benefit ACC


sloop sign

Yesterday we told you about two t-shirts that were created to raise money for the Donkey Fund at the Animal Care Center here on St. John. The shirts have been so popular that one (the red one) is now sold out. Well today we’d like to tell you about another person here on island who is doing his part to raise money for the Animal Care Center – Sloop Jones.

Sloop Jones, a popular artist who runs a studio on the East End, is auctioning off a sign that hung at the Coral Bay Triangle for years. Sloop’s late wife and partner, Barbara, supported the Animal Care Center and was mom to many cats herself. Patricia Schneider started the bidding at $125 in Barbara’s honor. The current bid is $325.

Check out this video Sloop made about the sign:

The auction will run through July 20th. Click here to place your bid. 

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