Skinny Legs has a new owner


Photo courtesy Skinny Legs' Web site

There's new management for St. John's best-known and most-loved bar.

Cruz Bay Realty broke the news Wednesday night Tweeting "Skinny Legs in Coral Bay has a new owner – congrats!."

But while the 'management' may be new, the face is not. The guy in charge is Doug Bean, a longtime islander and go-to guy for Moe Chabuz, the now-previous owner of Skinny's.

A posting on the Coral Bay bar's Web site said, "Moe is passing the hat to Doug Bean, and on his way to traveling with Toni and enjoying life."

7 thoughts on “Skinny Legs has a new owner”

  1. Wow! Good luck, Doug. I remember when I was sending some dough for you when you got knocked down by your cancer. No talk of you ever being an owner then…C’este la vie,say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell!
    Good luck to Toni and Moe, too.

  2. Congrats Doug. I would have bought it myself if I had known it was for sale.
    Hope we still see the Red Sox and Pats stuff.
    Will be on-island starting 5/6. see you then.

  3. One of my favorite places! We even adopted an ACC pup that Moe and Toni helped to rescue from behind Skinny’s a few months ago. Congrats to Doug, and happy trails to Moe and Toni- I sure hope Moe comes back for 8 Tuff next year! We’ll see Skinny’s again in July.

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