Scenes from St. John Carnival

Scenes from St. John Carnival

Good Morning, Good Morning!  What a weekend!  St. John surely came alive this year for our first carnival since 2019.  The people, the parades, the music, the food…culture and revelry at last INDEED.  The USVI Festival Committee really did an incredible job on the organization of all of the events this year with the most grandly executed J’ouvert I have attended and one of the largest Independence Day parades to date.  The entire island is hungover from overindulgence of Jell-o shots and electric lemonades, glitter and confetti still line the streets, our bellies are full of roti and pate and fried chicken, our cheeks hurting from over smiling, our legs aching from dancing in the streets and our hearts overflowing with gratitude for this beautiful place and the weeklong celebrations of freedom we just experienced.  The events culminate on the Fourth of July for a grand parade in the streets of Cruz Bay…An Independence Day parade like no other.  And, before we move on this week into “other news,” I wanted to share some beautiful images with you all from yesterday, and from the past week of Carnival celebrations.

Scenes from St. John Carnival 1

First of all, I cannot express in words the magic that a parade in Cruz Bay creates.  Whether Fourth of July, J’ouvert or St. Patrick’s Day, if you have been in attendance for any of them, you GET this.  They are all such uniquely home grown events with handmade costumes and decorations, speakers blaring music from the back of Jeeps, live bands playing on flatbed trucks and people of all ages from all walks of life in attendance and participation.

Scenes from St. John Carnival 2
The kiddos had me smiling so hard yesterday. It was SO hot and they were all such warriors!

But, all of these things commingle with an explosion of the culture and heritage of the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean at large in the Fourth of July parade.  It’s truly magnificent.  And, I recall feeling yesterday, like everything was just normal again for an instant.  Like there was no distant rage in the country, like freedom was ringing, like COVID had never happened and that we were just right back in that beautiful space that we had been just a few years ago.  Like everything was exactly as it should be.  And, for several hours, it was.

Scenes from St. John Carnival 3
Bringing people together…You are not alone!

Ok, enough of my rambling 🙂  Let’s get into those pictures.

One REALLY neat thing the USVI Festivals team did this year was aerial imagery of the Village lit up at night.  It was simply awesome waking up each morning to relive the night before via their Facebook page.  You can also go back and watch the parades and the music from the Village on their page.  It’s truly AWESOME!

Scenes from St. John Carnival 4

Scenes from St. John Carnival 5

Scenes from St. John Carnival 6
Early morning view of the J’ouvert celebration.

And I absolutely LOVE this photo that Mitch Cruz took of St. John LIT UP for festival!

Scenes from St. John Carnival 7

And…On to parade day!  We spent the entire day over at Mongoose Junction, starting with lunch at Greengos while we waited for the festivities to start.  After lunch, we headed down to the street for dancing and revelry.  The parade start time was officially noon, but in the spirit of island time, things started a bit later than scheduled.

Scenes from St. John Carnival 8
The Love City Pan Dragons kicked off the festivities at the Food Fair on June 26…And they led the way for the parade yesterday.


Scenes from St. John Carnival 9
Dancing in the streets to Cool Sessions Brass.

The absolutely GORGEOUS women in costume are always my favorite part.  I so admire these ladies for getting out there and doing it!  You all looked beautiful!

Scenes from St. John Carnival 10

Scenes from St. John Carnival 11

Scenes from St. John Carnival 12

Scenes from St. John Carnival 13

The male and female warriors in tribal African costumes are always awe inspiring…A nod to the sacrifices and challenges faced by the ancestors of generational Virgin Islanders and to their heritage.

Scenes from St. John Carnival 14

Scenes from St. John Carnival 15

Scenes from St. John Carnival 16

Scenes from St. John Carnival 17
The littlest warrior 🙂 I think he had enough of the parade at this point.

Scenes from St. John Carnival 18

The events of the week culminated in a beautiful fireworks display which we viewed from the beach in front of the Beach Bar while enjoying Chester’s famous fried chicken and the The Terrace’s equally famous Mac and Cheese 🙂

Scenes from St. John Carnival 19
The fireworks were set off from the water on Dan Boyd’s barge. Thanks for the amazing show Dan!

Many people have made mention of why we make such a big deal about Carnival here on St. John.  If you have lived here or been lucky enough to be visiting during this time, you probably get it.  But for those of you that don’t, it is truly a time when the entire island comes together to celebrate this incredible place and each other.  Just around the corner there will come a time when many will go away for some off season down time.  Some will leave island for good.  It’s one last hurrah before hurricane season hypes up.  It’s a time for us to be together and celebrate the people who let us be in this beautiful place with them.  It is a time to celebrate both Emancipation and Independence.  It is much much more than just music and revelry.

I hope that all of you enjoyed an absolutely magical holiday weekend, filled with love and positivity and hope for the future.  I’ll leave you with that today…The community of St. John is sleeping it off and I’m about to join them 🙂

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  1. We last came during Carnival 39 years ago and came this year. Lots of great local food and drink. The music has evolved to more island electronica or island hip-hop than the steel drums and reggae I remember. It was very loud and went ALL NIGHT, ending sometimes at 7:00am – 9:00am. Luckily, our villa bedrooms were sufficiently shielded so we could sleep. Overall, it looked like everyone was having a great time. Will be back in the winter/spring for our 40th anniversary.

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