Save Coral Bay: Deadline for Letters is Today

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We’ve written a ton about the proposed marina out in Coral Bay. Well now it’s your time to be heard.

Today, March 5, is the last day to submit your letter to the Army Corps of Engineers whether you are for or against the proposed marina. As you may know, the Summer’s End Group is proposing a 145-slip marina that will cater to the magayacht community. This proposed marina includes placing permanent fixed marina structures on 1.7 acres within Coral Bay and 1,333 pilings. It is designed for 10,000 feet of boat, which is a 400% increase of what is currently in the harbor.

If you plan to write a letter, it should be sent by postal mail or by email to the addresses below. It should include the permit application number in the subject line.

Permit Application Number: SAJ-2004-12518 (SP-JMS)
Email Address: [email protected]
Postal Address: Mr. Johann M. Sasso, Antilles Permits Section, 400 Fernández Juncos Avenue, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901-3299

If you are submitting via email, you may send a copy to the Save Coral Bay email address so it can keep track of total responses. That email address is: [email protected]

David Silverman, who is leading the Save Coral Bay movement, put together a few renderings showing the scale of the marina. They’re pretty neat, so please check them out.

Land and Water Structures

The Piling Field

Back in January, we provided some information that may help you with letter writing courtesy of SaveCoralBay.com. Click here to read that story. 

2 thoughts on “Save Coral Bay: Deadline for Letters is Today”

  1. The Save Coral Bay Singers perform at around 8 pm during the open mike at Pickles in Coral Bay on Wednesday nights. Following is one of our songs and a poem:

    End Summers End; a Come Ye All Song

    (A mouth harp and guitar song for our time
    with apologies to Woody Guthrie and purists of meter and rhyme)

    Come all you good people and gather around,
    If you live on your boat or your home’s on the ground;
    This place that we love, our sweet Coral Bay
    Will be ruined forever if greed has its way;

    They’ve planned a marina for two hundred foot yachts,
    Monstrous things that few people have got;
    They’d make Coral Bay a playground for the wealthy
    And we know that ain’t socially, economically or environmentally healthy;

    It’s a battle for minds, it’s a battle for hearts
    To end Summers End before they can start
    Driving their piles and destroying our bay
    For billionaires on mega-yachts to sail in and play.

    They’d ruin our houses and haul out our boats,
    That what Summers End would ram down our throats;
    They’ll ruin the harbor, the bay and the land
    If we let them succeed with their greed conceived plans

    So save Coral Bay and defeat Summers end,
    That’s more than a slogan and bumper sticker, my friends,
    To fight Summers End will take hard work and fund-raising,
    But ignoring their plans would be flat out plumb crazy.


    Coral Bay’s like no other place on this earth
    And we all know what such a fine community’s worth,
    We can’t let Summers End take that away
    To create another eyesore, another Pond Bay.

    So all you good people who love Coral Bay,
    Don’t be fooled by the lies Summers End has to say;
    They’ll tell you only what they want you to hear;
    They’ll tailor the facts and the truth for your ears;
    As they scheme to get rich before walking away
    From the mess they would make of our home, Coral Bay.


    Irony: A Non-Subtle Rant in Verse Against
    The Summers End Development Plan

    Here, where neither snow nor ice find their way
    Into the island’s darkest, deepest hollows,
    They call their plan Summers End, their icy
    Determination to court the servants
    Of Mammon, freezing St. John’s Coral Bay
    Beneath a surface of concrete and steel.
    Greed, that cruel winter wind of the frigid
    Heart fills their sails and drives their ambitions.

    As Mammon’s long wet tongue touches their souls,
    Thrills them with promises he will not keep;
    As Dante’s Satan, frozen upside down
    In the final circle of his Hell smiles,
    I hear the voices of the people sing
    “Mammon, your kingdom must come down; Mammon,
    Your kingdom must come down;” the voices of
    The people sing, “Mammon, your kingdom must come down.”

  2. One point seven acres or seventeen acres? Gofund me main page has twenty-eight acres for 145 slips. NO marina should be developed under this proposal.

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