The Cool Ship in the Channel

stad amsterdam cruz bay

For those of you who follow us over on Facebook, you may have seen that we spent a little time off island yesterday with our friends at Palm Tree Charters. Well as we were cruising out of the harbor, we drove by a pretty impressive sailing ship. You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve been in Cruz Bay over the past few days. We wanted to know more so of course we looked to our great friend Captain John Brandi for information.

The ship is called the Stad Amsterdam, we learned, and apparently it’s a small luxury cruise ship. By the time you read this, it’ll likely be heading to Puerto Rico but it’s cool enough that we thought it deserved a quick mention today. Click here if you’d like to read a bit about its history. 

Check out this pic that John Brandi took when the Stad Amsterdam made an appearance last season. It’s a pretty sweet ship.

Photo credit: John Brandi
Photo credit: John Brandi

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